Download free HP Setup Assistant

If you read my blog post in its entirety, you see that I went to the same location as you refereed in the link to the HP Setup Assistant blog.

"Login Item's" Menu. Here is the way to fix it.

1. Go to "System Preference's"

2. Click "Account's"

3. Click Your Username

4. And once there, look for the tab "Login Item's"

5. And click on the hp setup item, I'm not exactly sure what it says; however, it say's something to the effect of "HP Setup."

6. Click on the "-" Button to delete it.

7. Restart your pc to check to see if it pops up

You may set the wireless connection through the EWS as a software to perform a such is not available for Maveric's:
Temporarily connect the printer to your Mac with an Ethernet cable.
Reset the network setting's, then allow 1-2 minutes and print a network configuration report as listed below:
Enter the EWS via typing the printer IP address into Safari.
Open the Network / Wireless tab, within the Wireless section follow the Wireless Setup Wizard.
Once the printer configure to connect to your network, unplug the ethernet cable & allow the printer to connect, the Wireless light should become solid blue once the wireless connection had occoured.
Open System Preferences > Printer's & Scanners and click the Plus sign to add the printer through the wireless network.


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